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Policies and conditions

Every municipality in Denmark is responsible for making the rules that apply in their planning laws for industrial areas and its clear that Køge municipality is making an active effort to attract companies and jobs. According to “Lokalt Erhvervsklima” 2014 by Danish Industry, which is a large survey measuring all the municipalities of Denmark, one of Køges major strenght is within their policies and conditions. On 12 of 22 static indicators the municipality is in the top 4, which means that Køge – the same as last year – is ending up on a well deserved 2nd place in this category.

Facts on the policies and conditions of Køge Municipality

Taxes and charges

KøgeReg. ZealandDenmark
Personal tax24,9 pct.25,3 pct.24,9 pct.
Property tax21,0 promille25,6 promille26,3 promille
Service charge0 promille2,4 promille3 promille

Education and occupation

KøgeReg. ZealandDenmark
16–19 year-olds without an education13,1 pct.15,1 pct.14,6 pct.
25–64 year-olds with minimum business degree78,2 pct.76,9 pct.79,8 pct.
Percentage of private occupation within the municpality66,9 pct.61,9 pct.65,8 pct.
Lost industrial workplaces 2009 – 1312,7 pct.22,0 pct.20,3 pct.

Local plan

Skandinavisk Transport Center is experiencing new growth due to the fact that the municipality of Køge has approved a new local plan.


Not only is the gross area being expanded with 500.000 square meters, but the local plan also allows construction of warehouses up to 30 meters in height as opposed to the previous 25 meters. STC wished to increase the maximum height because our costumers inquired areas with the possibility of higher ceilings due to the fact that there are automated warehouse systems and other storage equipment that are adapted to this exact height. In Denmark a 25 meter limit is exceptional, so having 30 meters height for construction is a good argument to place your warehouse or terminal on STC.

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    Plot ratio

    Plot ratio is set to 50 %.

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    Height of buildings

    Maximum building height is 15 m for administrative buildings and 30 m for warehouses in area 1. The maximum building height in area 2 is 25 m.

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    Limit of volume

    There is no limit of volume on STC.

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    Building tax

    There is no building tax in the municipality of Køge.

The local plan for STC marks a part of the business policies of Køge municipality. One of the primary goals is to maintain the position of the municipality as a regional and national center for transport and logistics. A step in this direction is the planned development of STC.

We’ve made the local plan available but unfortunately it’s only in Danish. If you have any questions regarding the local plan, you can call Thomas Kampmann – the contact information is located on the sidebar.

Lokalplan – Udvidelse af STC, Skandinavisk Transport Center